Viral Akun IG PSSI Follow Akun Cewek Seksi, Auto Dirujak Netizen Berujung Unfollow

Social Media Runs Amok Amidst Controversy

Social media has become a breeding ground for controversy, and the recent situation involving an Indonesian sports organization is a case in point. The PSSI, the Indonesian Football Association, is under the microscope after an incident with a popular Instagram account.

Viral Account Follows Sexy Girl, Names Ignited Netizens and Ended with Unfollow

The Instagram account, @bayufitrasoft, seemed innocuous at first. Sharing news and content related to the Indonesian Football Association, it had amassed over 13,000 followers. What seemed to create the stir was that account had begun to follow a certain “sexy girl” profile, one which had photos that heavily implied a sexual content.

This act didn’t go unnoticed. Social media users instantly ignited, expressing their shock and disappointment that an official organization would be down this path. This controversy was furthered as the account was reported to have been following and chatting with several other “sexy girl” accounts.

The hashtag #PSSIfitnaked quickly became a trending topic, with many voices calling for more discretion when it comes to online behavior. Fortunately, @bayufitrasoft soon responded to the outcry and unfollowed the offending account and reverted back to the purpose of sharing news and content related to the PSSI.


This incident with the @bayufitrasoft, the PSSI Instagram account, serves as a reminder of how social media can become a breeding ground for controversy. It is important for all online users to remain mindful of their behavior and ensure that their online presence is without reproach.

  • Be Mindful of Your Behavior: Use discretion when posting, following and chatting in social media platforms.
  • No Room For Profanity: Refrain from using offensive language as it reflects poorly on the image of yourself or organization.
  • Report Concerns: Users can easily express their displeasure of inappropriate social media activities by reporting it.

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