Siapa Gabrielle Happy? Kontestan Indonesian Idol season 12

Gabrielle Happy – Creative and Talented Indonesian Idol Season 12 Contestant

Gabrielle Happy, or best known as Gabi Happy, is an Indonesian Idol season 12 contestant. She’s 21 years old and came from Bandung. She studied creative media at University of Information Science Technology and Communication. She is known to be a creative and talented singer who definitely has what it takes to be an Indonesian Idol.

The Story Before She Was an Indonesian Idol

Gabi Happy has always been a music enthusiast. She started to learn how to play the guitar at the age of 9. Music then became her passion and she decided to pursue a career in the music business and become a professional singer. She took part in many singing competitions and managed to get lots of accolades from the judges. Ultimately, she was chosen as one of the contestants for the Indonesian Idol season 12.

Her Musical Style

Gabi Happy has a unique musical style. She loves to mix old and modern music. She puts a modern touch to classic songs, making it suitable for many different types of audiences. Apart from that, she also enjoys singing jazz and r&b.

Her Achievements In Indonesian Idol

Gabi Happy has earned a lot of praises from the judges in the Indonesian Idol season 12. Here are some of her achievements so far:

  • Brought traditional West Javanese music to the Indonesian Idol stage – She showcased her excellent voice by singing traditional West Javanese song which garnered her a standing ovation from the audience.
  • Won the audience with her impressive R&B performance – Her perfectly crafted performance has earned her a standing ovation from both judges and audience.
  • Her unique and creative style in singing – Her unique style has earned her many praises from the judges. Her creativity and talent are certainly admirable.


Gabrielle Happy is a talented and creative singer who certainly has the potential to reach great heights in her music career. She’s off to a great start in the Indonesian Idol season 12 and is definitely someone to watch out for!

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