Siapa Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng Viral di Tiktok?

Who Is Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng, The Tik Tok Star?

Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng, or also known as Corla Ratu, is currently a sensation on the social media platform Tik Tok. Fans of hers love seeing her over-the-top makeup looks, the hilarious lifestyle events and the fun lip-sync performance that she makes.

Her Early Life

Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng was born on August 10, 2003 and comes from Malang, East Java, Indonesia. She started to make content on Tik Tok in mid-2020 and has now become an established content creator and influencer.

Her Career and Career Highlights

Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng had her first career breakthrough in the fashion industry. She was named one of the top fashion influencers of 2020 and is active in different lifestyle events. She has also appeared in music videos for popular songs, like “Dil Sey Dil Ko”.

Her Popularity on Tik Tok

Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng has become a popular figure on Tik Tok. She has amassed over 4 million followers and fans on the platform and has an impressive engagement rate. Her content ranges from makeup tutorials to funny lifestyle stories, giving her fans an option of a variety of content.

Her Social Media Presence

Besides her impressive impact on Tik Tok, Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng is also present on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Interesting Facts About Her

Here are some interesting facts about Bunar Corla Ratu Jreng:

  • She has over 4 million followers on Tik Tok
  • She is active in the fashion industry and has modelled for various fashion brands
  • She is a proud owner of 10 dogs
  • She is the proud creator of the hashtag #bacaJuga

Bunda Corla Ratu Jreng has become a sensation on Tik Tok and continues to make content that her fans love and engage with. She is an example of hard work in the social media world and inspires many people with her positive attitude.

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