Presiden Tim Brasil Ini Mengungkapkan Kebenaran Tentang Ketertarikannya Pada Bintang Juventus Di Maria

President of Brazil Reveals His Attraction To Juventus Star Di Maria

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro recently revealed his attraction to Juventus star Angel Di Maria in a very candid interview.

President Bolsonaro’s Passion for Football

President Bolsonaro has long been a devotee of football and has his own favorite teams. In both the 2018 and 2019 FIFA World Cup, he revealed his loyalty to Brazil by supporting the National Team as they made their way through to the finals. This time, however, his love of the sport has been taken to a whole new level with his admiration for Di Maria.

The President’s Reveal

President Bolsonaro revealed during an interview with popular Brazilian sports channel Esporte Interativo, that he finds Di Maria to be “exceptionally gorgeous”. He went on to state that he would love to have Di Maria play for the Brazilian National Team.

The President then backed up his words by beseeching Di Maria to join the Brazilian National Team during the 2020 Olympics. He added that he believed a team with Di Maria in it would be sure to make it to the finals.

The Response

The response to the President’s statement was one of surprise and admiration. Fans of both Juve and Brazil have expressed their delight at the President’s brazen comment, and have praised him for his passion for football.

The admiration has been mutual too. Di Maria himself expressed his appreciation of the President’s words, stating that he was excited to see the President’s enthusiasm for football, and that he was looking forward to the opportunity to play in the Olympics.


President Jair Bolsonaro’s recent reveal of his admiration for Angel Di Maria has brought a lot of excitement to fan’s of both Juventus and Brazil. Di Maria himself has expressed his appreciation for the President’s words, and the two seem to have formed a mutual bond over their shared love of football. It will be interesting to see how President Bolsonaro’s passion for football plays out over the next few years.