Pernyataan Dadang Aremania di Mata Najwa yang membuatnya trending, Arek Malang ini sampai malu

Arek Malang’s Response to Aremania Statement on Mata Najwa

On the television talk show Mata Najwa, Dadang Aremania, one of the Arek Malang representatives, gave a statement that made him a trending topic and forced other Arek Malang to feel ashamed of him.

Dadang Aremania’s Controversial Statement

On the show, Dadang Aremania declared that the Malang people are free-spirited and unencumbered by the pressure of conventional values. He said:

“The Malang people don’t care about other people’s opinions. We live life to the fullest and according to our own terms and conditions.”

His statement was met with criticism from many people, including fellow Arek Malang. Many felt that his statement was distasteful and did not represent the true values of the Malang people.

Arek Malang’s Displeasure with Dadang Aremania’s Statement

The people of Malang felt that Dadang Aremania’s statement was a generalization and an oversimplification of their culture. They disagreed with his opinion and felt betrayed by his decision to make such a statement on national television.

Moreover, many felt embarrassed by Dadang Aremania’s statement. They felt that he was representing the Malang people in a negative light and that his statement did not reflect the values and beliefs of the people of Malang.


In conclusion, Dadang Aremania’s statement on Mata Najwa has caused a lot of disappointment and embarrassment to the Arek Malang. His statement was seen as distasteful and unrepresentative of the true values of the people in Malang.

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