Perkenalkan Youngster Real Madrid Marvelous Antolin Garzon, yang Disebut Permainannya Mirip David Alaba

Introducing Madrid Marvelous Antolin Garzon

Real Madrid has always been known for its outstanding talent, and they just brought in a new player: Antolin Garzon! The Spanish youngster is said to have a very similar playing style to David Alaba and is causing quite a stir in the world of football.

Budding Talent

Antolin Garzon has been quickly developing a reputation for his attacking abilities and providing assists for teammates. His impressive skill when it comes to dribbling and passing has set him apart from other players of his age. He boasts great speed, strength and an amazing vision which allows him to spot the attacking opportunities on the field.

In the Footsteps of David Alaba

The comparison between Antolin Garzon and David Alaba is often made due to their similar playing style. Both players bring immense versatility to any team they join as they can play in both a defensive and attacking role in either left or right back. They also both have the ability to switch quickly between short and long passes and their phenomenal accuracy when it comes to shooting goals.

Real Madrid’s New Star?

There is no doubt that Antolin Garzon has brought lots of potential to the Real Madrid team, and his resemblance to the Austrian star David Alaba has further heightened the excitement of the Madrid fans. The young Spaniard has already started to show what he is capable of and it is only a matter of time before we start to see some amazing things from him on the field.

Great Ideas for the Future

The possibilities of pairing Antolin Garzon with the likes of Karim Benzema, Eden Hazard and Toni Kroos are endless. The young Spaniard’s style of play could vastly improve the overall strategy of the team and be a great asset when it comes to attacking and defending.


Antolin Garzon is one of the greatest young talents Real Madrid has seen in a while, and it will be exciting to see how his skills are used in the future. His playing style mimic’s David Alaba’s, known for his versatility and accuracy, and provides an exciting prospect for the Madrid faithful.


  • Great attacking abilities
  • Impressive skill when it comes to dribbling and passing
  • Excellent at short and long passes
  • Highly accurate shooting
  • Versatile in both defensive and attacking roles