Penasihat Ahli Kapolri duga ada yang sengaja bikin skenario kerusuhan Kanjuruhan

The Potential 3rd Party Involvement in the Kanjuruhan Riot

Police Chief’s advisory team suggested that there are potential third-party involved in the recent Kanjuruhan riot. The riot, which broke out on the 30th April, left many shops destroyed and over a dozen of people injured.

Associated Parties

The police chief’s advisory team suspected involvement of a certain group, which was believed to have a vested interest in the result of the riot. The team claimed that the incident was a well-orchestrated one and that could not have been achieved without a certain degree of external factors.

Cause of the Riot

The cause of the riot is still, however, unclear. Although the police chief’s advisory team deemed it to be caused by an organic dispute, many on-scene observers are suggested that it could have been caused by a malicious, yet unidentified, party.

Preventive Measures

In order to prevent future rioting, the police are implementing stricter security in the Kanjuruhan area. Furthermore, the regional government has placed the regional police on high-alert so that any suspicious activity in the region can be monitored and observed.


Although the police chief’s advisory team has yet to provide evidence to support their claim of a third-party involvement, their suspicion remain. It is therefore suggested that local government and police team should remain vigillant in order to prevent further rioting in the area.

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