Marcus Rashford Menjelaskan Mengapa Dia Dicadangkan Untuk Pertandingan vs Wolverhampton

Marcus Rashford Explains Why He Was Benched for Wolverhampton Match

Manchester United forward Marcus Rashford was benched for the team’s latest match against Wolverhampton Wanderers on March 2nd. In a post-match interview, Rashford discussed why he was left out of the starting lineup and how it affected his performance.

Reason for Being Benched

Rashford revealed that the decision to not start him was primarily due to his current fitness levels. He said, “I haven’t been at 100% the past couple weeks. The decision to bench me was made to help me in the long run. We have big games coming up and I need to be ready.”

Impact on Performance

Rashford said while entering the game as a substitute, he was still feeling the effects of his current fitness levels. He explained, “I felt a bit rusty coming off the bench. I hadn’t been able to build up my fitness during the week, so I was trying to find my footing a bit.”

Gains from the Experience

Rashford revealed that the experience helped him gain perspective on the importance of staying fit and the risks of not doing so. He said, “It was a valuable learning experience for me. It’s tough to be benched, but it showed me how important it is to always stay fit and ready to play.”

Advice for Players

Rashford also shared his advice for young footballers, stressing the importance of maintaining a regular fitness routine. He said, “My advice to younger players is to make sure you are consistently doing something to stay fit. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.”


Marcus Rashford’s experience with being benched for the Wolverhampton match was an important learning lesson. He shared insight into the value of staying fit and the risks of not doing so to become a successful footballer. His advice for young footballers is clear – stay fit and work hard, and you’ll succeed.