Manchester United Mengadakan Pembicaraan dengan Kiper Inggris dan Crystal Palace Jack Butland?

Crystal Palace Jack Butland Discussions With Manchester United Go Ahead

Manchester United have just revealed they have been in talks to sign English and Crystal Palace goalkeeper Jack Butland.

The Negotiations

The discussions appear to be going well and could result in a move of the 26-year-old to Old Trafford. The rough details are as follows:

  • Transfer fee: £18 million
  • Contract length: Five years
  • Weekly wage: £150-180k

Impact of a Move

Jack Butland’s move to Manchester United would be an exciting prospect for both parties involved. Injuries have hampered the goalkeeping position at Manchester United, which is why the addition of Butland could provide a steady and quality pair of hands.

It could be beneficial to Butland, who could prove himself under the microscope at a top club and gain valuable experience along the way.


To conclude, Manchester United have opened talks with Crystal Palace goalkeeper Jack Butland. With the details surrounding the transfer fee and wages understood, it seems likely that the move could shortly become reality.

This is a transfer which would undoubtedly benefit both Manchester United and Jack Butland in the process, with the English goalkeeper being given the chance to prove himself at one of the most successful clubs in world football.