Lewandowski Meninggalkan Suarez dan Mengejar Eto’o dan Ronaldo

Lewandowski Keen to Challenge Ronaldo and Eto’o

Robert Lewandowski, the leading scorer in the Bundesliga, has admitted that he desires to be compared to legendary forward Samuel Eto’o and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Despite currently playing alongside fellow forwards Luis Suarez and Erling Haaland, the Polish striker is keen to take his goalscoring form to the highest levels and consider his form in relation to his illustrious predecessors.

Reasons for the Move

Lewandowski, who is widely considered one of the best and most consistent strikers of his generation has highlighted a few reasons for making the move away from his current teammates, claiming that:

  • He wants to add to his legacy: Being one of the most highly decorated players in recent history, it makes sense for him to try and enhance his legacy by being compared to Ronaldo and Eto’o.
  • He wants to play at a higher level: Lewandowski has always looked to challenge himself and has frequently looked to play in different leagues to prove his talent.
  • He wants to become an even better player: It’s no secret that Lewandowski is always looking to improve himself, and by being in a position to challenge Ronaldo and Eto’o he believes it will only make him a better player.

Why move now?

Lewandowksi is quick to point out that his decision to make the move now is due to the recent success of his team; Bayern Munich.

The Munich-based side has won the German league for the eighth time in a row and he has been at the forefront of that success. By moving now, he believes it gives him the best opportunity for success.

He also believes that by joining Ronaldo and Eto’o, he’ll be able to to challenge himself and become even better player.


It’s clear to see that Lewandowski has big ambitions and wants to continue to push the boundaries of his success.

His move to rival two of the greatest strikers ever may not be easy, but if he is successful, then it will make him an even more formidable force than ever before.