Juventus Tidak Mengambil Risiko dengan Pemain Bintangnya Federico Chiesa

Juventus Doesn’t Take Risks with Star Player Federico Chiesa

Italian giants Juventus have been relying heavily on one of their star players, Federico Chiesa, to bring them success this season. The talented winger, who arrived at the club over the summer, has already been a key part of the team’s attacking line-up and has contributed to several important goals.

The 21-year-old is one of Juventus’ best and brightest talents, and the club are clearly taking their time in order to ensure he reaches his full potential. Despite this, there have been some questions surrounding the club’s decision to not take any extra risks with Chiesa and his playing time.

Why Juventus are Taking a Cautious Approach

Juventus have been taking a cautious approach with Chiesa, limiting the amount of minutes he plays in each game and not pushing him too hard. The rationale behind this decision is two-fold. Firstly, the club are trying to avoid any injuries that might derail Chiesa’s development. Secondly, they want to ensure that he doesn’t burn out over the course of the season.

Injuries are a major concern for any club and no one wants to see one of their star players sidelined. The Italian league is particularly physical and Chiesa’s style of play makes him particularly vulnerable to physical challenges. Juventus are keen to protect their investment, and the cautious approach with Chiesa is a reflection of this.

The Benefits of Taking a Balanced Approach

While Juventus could be criticized for not giving Chiesa more minutes on the pitch, there are actually a number of benefits associated with taking a balanced approach. By limiting the amount of time he plays in each game, Juventus are ensuring that he stays fresh for the key matches. It also allows time for him to continue developing his skills and technique.

In terms of his development as a player, Chiesa is already showing massive potential. His ability to both score and create goals has been a major asset for the club, and by taking a cautious approach with him, Juventus are allowing him to reach his full potential without the risk of injury or burnout.

The Potential Impact of Juventus’ Cautious Approach

Juventus’ cautious approach with Chiesa could have a major impact on their success this season. By taking their time and allowing him to develop in a safe environment, they are giving themselves the best chance of achieving their objectives.

Furthermore, Chiesa’s presence in the team gives them an added boost when it comes to big matches. He can be used as an impact substitute or even as a starter, depending on the situation, and this extra level of flexibility gives them a distinct tactical advantage.


In conclusion, Juventus’ cautious approach with their star player Federico Chiesa is a smart decision. By limiting the amount of minutes he plays in each game, they are helping to protect him from injury while also allowing him to develop his skills and reach his full potential. Chiesa’s presence in the team gives Juventus a major advantage, and their decision to not take any risks could pay dividends in the long run.