Juventus Meninggalkan Kesengsaraan Free Kick Ronaldo Untuk Menjadi Spesialis Bola Mati

Juventus Leaves Ronaldo’s Free Kick Misery to Become Dead Ball Specialists

Despite the scoring woes suffered by star midfielder Cristiano Ronaldo from free kicks since joining Juventus from Real Madrid in 2018, it appears that the Bianconeri are finally adapting to life as dead ball specialists.

Record Conversion Rate in League Play

Since the start of the 2020-21 Serie A campaign, Juventus have been the most accurate team with dead ball strikes, converting five of 12 chances. The second most successful side is Atalanta, who have scored three out of 14 attempts. The record of two goals in six attempts from Ronaldo is proof that Juventus are no longer dependent on his ability to convert.

Dead Ball Specialists in the Squad

In Paulo Dybala and Juan Cuadrado, Juventus have two creative, technical players capable of producing quality set piece deliveries. However, the Bianconeri have found that when it comes to dead ball situations, the best option is to deploy Aaron Ramsey. The Welshman has seven goals to his name in Serie A this season, with four of them coming from dead ball strikes, including two direct free kicks.

Key Tips To Becoming a Dead Ball Specialist

  • Strike: It is important to strike the ball with the correct technique. Usually, this involves bending the leg and curling your toes around the ball to ensure it does not have too much spin on it.
  • Placement: Place the ball in the right spot. Aim for the upper corners of the goal as this gives the goalkeeper less time to react.
  • Jumping: As the ball is travelling through the air, the player needs to jump to help control the trajectory of the ball.
  • Start off-the-ball: To increase accuracy, practice with shots taken a few yards away from the ball. Stand in the same spot, bend your knees, and use your arms and hips to focus on the technique.

Although Ronaldo is yet to make his mark from a dead ball situation, it appears Juventus are succeeding where he hasn’t. With the poaching instincts of Ramsey and the creativity of Dybala and Cuadrado, the Bianconeri look set to become one of the premier dead ball specialists in European football.