Erik ten Hag Mengakui Jadon Sancho Masih Belum Siap Untuk Kembali ke Tim Manchester United

Erik ten Hag Admits Jadon Sancho Still Not Ready to Return to Manchester United

Jadon Sancho has been linked with a potential return to Manchester United since last summer and it looks like this deal could be far from done yet. According to Borussia Dortmund coach Erik ten Hag, the young English forward is still not ready for a move back to the Premier League.

Sancho Not Ready for Move to Manchester United

Ten Hag stated that the move could still happen, but only after necessary resources and preparations were in place so Sancho could adapt to the demands at United:

  • He understands the complexities of the transfer market. Ten Hag understands that which ever team Sancho moves to, whatever is fair for him and Borussia Dortmund must be negotiated.
  • He wants Sancho to be prepared for the move. It’s not just the monetary components that need to be negotiated, but also the resources put in place to help the player adapt. Ten Hag wants Sancho to have the necessary support and resources in place once the move is completed.
  • He believes United needs to be patient. Ten Hag believes that Sancho is not yet at the level to make a big move to England and other big leagues, and needs some more time to develop and reach peak physical performance before a move is possible.

United Still Interested in Sancho

Manchester United has maintained their interest in the English winger, but it appears the Red Devils are still some way off completing a deal for the 20-year-old.

Ten Hag himself has been seeing a few reports linking the Dortmund star with other clubs, but believes firmly that Sancho is still happy at Borussia Dortmund. Speaking to the press, Ten Hag said:

“I can’t say that [Sancho would not be at Dortmund next season] with certainty as I naturally can’t see into the future. But Jadon is indeed happy here, he fits in perfectly and I have the impression that he wants to prove himself here again.”

United would do well to take heed of the advice from Ten Hag and take the necessary time and resources to ensure the successful development of Sancho. He is one of the most exciting talents in the game and could be a major asset for Manchester United for years to come.